Open Antelope Butte

Details on the project to reopen the Antelope Butte Mountain Recreation Area are below. This information is based on an in-depth appraisal, 3rd-party feasibility study, and project development through our partners.


The “Open Antelope Butte” campaign is a total of $4 million.  Each project in the campaign is prioritized and will be competed in that order as funds are secured.

As of August 31, 2017 we have raised $1,281,442 toward our goal!

Priority #1: Purchase Antelope Butte ($290,000)  COMPLETE
Purchase Antelope Butte from the US Forest Service and secure preliminary permitting including permit fees, insurance, and bonds.

Priority #2: Prepare Antelope Butte for Operations ($3.37 million)
Restore the lodge and lifts to safe and modern conditions.  Purchase the equipment and supplies needed to open, finalize start-up preparations, and provide operating capital for first months of operations.

Priority #3: Initiate Endowment Fund ($340,000)
Create an endowment fund to provide operational support if needed in the future.