John Kirlin

Executive Director

Growing up in Wyoming, John has always had a passion for the outdoors. With a background in education, international competition, and event organization,  John is driven by teaching others the benefits of an active lifestyle through outdoor experiences. Focusing on the community, John hopes to instill an equal love and appreciation for the outdoors  and lifelong health and wellness for generations to come.




Josh Law

fundraising director

Raised in Sheridan, Wyoming Josh isn't leaving any time soon. Currently he's leading the fundraising efforts for Antelope Butte Foundation. Skiing and outdoor recreation - starting in the Northern Bighorns - had a massive impact on the way he viewed and experienced the world. When Antelope Butte was open Josh developed ski and snowboard movies that lead him to starting his own businesses. Josh’s loves creating new jobs in Wyoming. It’s Josh’s desire to take the gifts, talents, and desires people have and bring them to life through team building and cool projects. Antelope Butte fits the bill - a very cool project. 

Board of Directors

Jeff Grant - Shell, President
President, HCMA Inc.

Sandy Scott Suzor - Sheridan, Vice President
Owner, Powder Horn Realty

Anthony Tarver - Sheridan, Treasurer
Vice President of Commercial Services, Wells Fargo

Mark Weitz - Sheridan, Secretary
Vice President of Strategic Planning, Kennon Products

Carrie Sisson - Sheridan
Attorney, Sisson Law Firm, LLC

Brandan Strahan - Sheridan
President & CEO, 307 Energy, LLC

Cassie Wright - Greybull 
Senior Vice President, Security State Bank